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document 1263 - INFO: What are the limitations of Mixcraft Home Studio 7?
Limitations Compared to Mixcraft 7 (standard) Limited to 16 tracks Limited to 8 performance panel sets. Only 20 built-in effects and 6 built-in virtual instruments. Does not mix down to MP3 or allow CD Burning Automation limited to volume and pan. Library limited to 2096 loops and sound...
19 May, 2016
document 1101: Are the sounds included with Mixcraft podsafe?
Yes, you may use the sounds and music loops included in Mixcraft for podcasting, royalty-free. Here's our official policy: Providing that you legally own a Mixcraft license, you may redistribute new works of art, podcasts or other sounds created using Mixcraft's loops royalty-free for any and...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1102: What extra hardware do I need to record a podcast?
You need a microphone to record your voice. You could use the one that came with your computer, but we don't usually recommend that. (The quality is very poor.) We highly recommend a good microphone, mixer and related cables. Visit our studio gear accessories page
31 May, 2008
document 1103: How can I load my MP3 Audio Mixer projects into newer versions of Mixcraft?
Any version of Mixcraft newer than version 2  cannot directly load MP3 Audio Mixer's .sgp files. As a workaround, you can load the .spg files into Mixcraft 2, save them as .mxc files and then load those .mxc files into newer versions of Mixcraft. If you need Mixcraft 2, you can download...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1105: Which sound devices work well with Mixcraft?
Here is a list of some audio devices that have been successfully tested with Mixcraft: Audiophile 2496 (PCI) M-audio.com Delta 1010LT (PCI)  M-audio.com Delta 44 (PCI) M-audio.com Focusrite Saffire Pro Firewire Focusrite.com Lexicon Lambda (USB) Lexiconpro.com Line 6...
15 Nov, 2013
document 1106: Can I use Mixcraft for podcasting?
Yes! Podcasting is growing in popularity and is now supported in major applications such as iTunes. Be your own radio station and create your own podcasts."; Simply create an MP3 file in Mixcraft and publish it! In Mixcraft, click on the File menu, select "Mix Down to..." and choose...
24 Apr, 2008
document 1107: Where can I get more loops and samples?
Here are some suggestions for places to look for loops and samples: Peace Love Productions DJ Puzzle Partners in Rhyme Sample Swap Opuzz.com Looperman.com BigFishAudio.com Freesounds.org Smart Loops Archives.org MVP Loops Acoustica Loop Series
15 May, 2018
document 1108: Can I use Mixcraft to record binaural audio?
Yes, if you have a binaural microphone setup and you are recording in stereo, you could use Mixcraft to capture the binaural sound. Download Mixcraft and try it for free! We have some general "how to" information for Mixcraft here.
15 Apr, 2008
document 1109: Create A Ring Tone For Your Cell Phone
One of the hotter trends with cell phones is making custom ring tones. Many newer cell phones support the ability to play audio and recordings. If you have one of these types of cell phones, it should be able play MP3s. Creating Your Own Ring It should be relatively short. Most people answer...
24 Apr, 2008
document 1115: Important Sound Setup Information
When you first start Mixcraft, you should make sure that the audio latency response is set up properly.  All sound devices and sound cards are not created equal and some have better performance than others.  In addition, your computer's speed will make a difference in audio...
08 Dec, 2008

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