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"Cuesheet was rejected by the CDROM recorder"

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Last updated: 19 Jun, 2008
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I keep getting the following error: "Exception: "START DAO RECORDING" command failed on device 0:1:0 Cuesheet was rejected by the CDROM recorder [subcode=-312]" .

What do I do?

This may be because you are burning too much audio to the CD. This would cause the "Cuesheet" to be rejected and causing the burn to fail. The reason why you cannot burn the full amount is because along with burning the actual songs to a CD, the "Table of Contents" (which allows stereos to read the CD) and "CD Text" (if selected) has to be burnt as well. These things take up space so we recommend to leave at least 30 seconds but to be on the safe side at least 1 minute of free space for these things to be burnt onto a CD. So in short, don't aim for 74 minutes (or 8" minutes), aim for 1 minute less!!

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