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How To Allow Mixcraft 6 To Communicate On Your Network

Article ID: 1205
Last updated: 03 Apr, 2013

If you are having trouble downloading loops or setting up the soon to be released Mixcraft Remote Control, you may need to change your network firewall settings in order to allow Mixcraft 6 to communicate on your network.   A firewall is a way to control what software is allowed to communicate with the outside world.

If you use the default Windows firewall
To access your firewall, go to your Control Panel, followed by clicking "System and Security" followed by "Windows Firewall".  Now click "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall".

You will see a list of programs.  Click the "Change Settings" button.  Locate "Mixcraft 6" and check the appropriate box to allow it to communicate on your Home/Work network.

Editing the Windows Firewall

Article ID: 1205
Last updated: 03 Apr, 2013
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