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How are effects applied? Shouldn't there be some kind of processing?

Article ID: 982
Last updated: 19 Jun, 2008

Applying cleaning effects in Spin It Again is deceptively simple. All effects are applied instantaneously in real time, so the second you choose an effect and press Play, you're hearing the final result. When you go to burn a CD or save your recording as audio files, there's no additional processing time needed, everything is taken care of automatically.

Be sure to listen to your recording after you choose an effect to make sure it sounds just the way you want it.

If you are using a noise reduction effect (like "Clean Anything") and the recording doesn't sound right, you can click the Next Noise button until you find a good noise sample that doesn't include part of a song. You want the noise sample to consist of pure noise (and no song) for the best results.

Article ID: 982
Last updated: 19 Jun, 2008
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