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How do I download and install MP3 CD Burner?

Article ID: 931
Last updated: 29 Apr, 2015

The easist way to do it is to click on a download link.

Download MP3 CD Burner here

It will ask you if you want to open or run the software. Choose "Open" or "Run". Once the software finishes downloading, it will show you a security warning and then ask you if you want to run the software from Acoustica, Inc. Choose "Run" and run the installer. Follow the instructions on each screen of the installer.

When it's done, it will automatically start MP3 CD Burner. If it does not start initially, you should find an icon on your desktop called "Acoustica MP3 CD Burner". Double click the icon to start the software.

Article ID: 931
Last updated: 29 Apr, 2015
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