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Is there any way to increase the quality of printouts I get with LightScribe?

Article ID: 797
Last updated: 29 Apr, 2015

Yes. First, make sure you've selected the "Best" quality option from the LightScribe print dialog in Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker when you print.

If you want even higher contrast than you get in "Best" mode, install LightScribe's contrast-enhancement utility. It will increase the quality of your printed LightScribe labels at the cost of slightly longer print times. Please note that whenever you download an updated version of the LightScribe system software, you'll also need to download the latest version of the contrast utility.

Learn more about Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker (now with LightScribe support!)

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Article ID: 797
Last updated: 29 Apr, 2015
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