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The software can not seem to access the remote Free DB.

Article ID: 924
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2008
Windows XP has a built in firewall which may be disallowing the software to look up the CD information. (XP Service Pack 2 has a built in Firewall)

1. Open the Window"s Security control panel by clicking the Window"s Start button, followed by clicking "Control Panel". 2. Double click the "Security" control panel 3. Under the "manage security settings for:" area, click "Windows Firewall" 4. Click on the "Exceptions" tab 5. Click "Add Program..." 6. Select "Acoustica MP3 CD Burner" from the list 7. Click OK

The software should now be allowed to access FreeDB.
Article ID: 924
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2008
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