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document 861: Acoustica Registration Codes
Most Acoustica programs have a four part registration code in the following format: 12345-12345-12345-12345 (Each part consists of five numbers or letters.) Your software will require that you enter your registration ID and your registration code. Your registration ID will usually be the email...
05 Sep, 2012
document 836: Where can I find a good vocal remover?
DJ Twist & Burn has a built in vocal remover! Right click on a song and select "Vocal Remover 1", "Vocal Remover 2" or "Vocal Remover 3". If you want to fine tune the vocal removal, click "Adjust Song Volume/Boost/Effects" from the "Song List" menu and then click "Customize". Click on "Vocal...
30 Apr, 2015
document 1001: Hook Up Your Record Player or Cassette Player To Your Computer"s Sound Card
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to recording your LPs and cassettes to CD is how to hook up your record player or cassette player to your computer"s sound card. Luckily, our software has a guide that helps you make the connection. Simply click the "Hookup Wizard.." button while using Spin It...
19 Jun, 2008
document 808: Where can I get art for wedding CD labels?
Registered users of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker get more than 1,000 original backgrounds, including individual backgrounds and entire themes created just for weddings. You can find custom wedding CD label art in Art Pack 1 and Art Pack 3. Check out the Roses pack, too; it's an entire art pack...
29 Apr, 2015
document 901: How many songs can I put on an audio CD?
Audio CDs are time based. The maximum number of songs is 99. However, the actual number of songs that you can fit on a CD will depend on how long the songs are. You are limited to 74 minutes of audio per recorded audio CD. If you have an 80 minute blank CD-R, you can record up to 80 minutes if...
19 Jun, 2008
document 815: Can I print a label directly onto a CD?
Yes you can. You'll need a printer that supports this, though. Here is a list of printers that you can use to print directly onto CDs or DVDs with Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. You'll also need special printable discs. They're usually labeled as printable and have white surfaces. They generally...
29 Apr, 2015
document 841: How To Beatmatch?
How do you beatmatch? Beat matching is the process of finding the beats in 2 songs, adjusting the playback speed of each song or time stretching each song and then lining up the beats so that the mix is extremely smooth and at the exact same tempo. Manually beatmatching is difficult and time...
30 Apr, 2015
document 1119: How can I change the sound of my voice using Mixcraft?
 There are several different pitch-shifting or vocorder plugins available. The most famous, and perhaps the most widely used by professionals, is Antares Autotune. The unique, slightly robotic singing voice sound you can produce with Autotune first became famous in Cher's hit Believe, in...
03 Sep, 2008
document 979: Split An MP3 Into Tracks
This requires Acoustica's Spin It Again! Download it here if you haven't already. Step 1: Load An MP3 Run the software and click "Load A Sound File". Select your MP3 and click "Open". Step 2: Preview And Edit Your Multi-Track MP3 The software automatically splits the MP3 into multiple...
19 Jun, 2008
document 773: How do I make a custom drum kit?
Here"s how to make your own custom drum kits in Beatcraft: In Beatcraft, click on the File menu and select New Project. On the "Project Properties" screen, choose "No Kit" for the "Choose a drum kit to use" setting. Drag the drums you want into the Pattern Editor from the Sample...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1002: Convert your LPs to MP3 and play them on your iPod or MP3 player!
You don't need any special hardware to convert your LPs or cassettes to MP3 so that you can play them on your iPod or MP3 player. Here"s how easy it can be with Spin It Again: If you don't have Spin It Again yet, you can download it here. Step 1: Hookup Your Record Or Cassette Player To Your...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1105: Which sound devices work well with Mixcraft?
Here is a list of some audio devices that have been successfully tested with Mixcraft: Audiophile 2496 (PCI) M-audio.com Delta 1010LT (PCI)  M-audio.com Delta 44 (PCI) M-audio.com Focusrite Saffire Pro Firewire Focusrite.com Lexicon Lambda (USB) Lexiconpro.com Line 6...
15 Nov, 2013
document 988: How To Record An LP or Tape To CD
Step 1: Hookup Your Record Or Cassette Player To Your Computer Run Spin It Again and click "Hookup Wizard". It will guide you through a series of questions and show you photos and images to help you hook up your record or cassette player to your computer. Step 2: Get A Good Recording Level ...
27 Jul, 2008
document 819: I can't print direct to CD with my Canon printer!
Note to U.S. customers: Canon printers sold in the U.S. do not have a direct-to-CD printing option. First, open up CD/DVD Label Maker and click on the Print button. Check that "Disc Tray" is selected as the Paper-Bin option. There may be a catch with some Canon printers, however: the Canon...
29 Apr, 2015
document 1149: I have a 64-bit version of Windows and no converter menu options come up when I right-click on a song!
The right-click menu doesn't work with 64-bit versions of Windows. We do not have any updates that fix this problem. There are three solutions to the issue. The easy solution Download WOW64Menu from this link and install it. You'll now have a new option called "Show Wow64 Menu" when you right...
29 Feb, 2016
document 1106: Can I use Mixcraft for podcasting?
Yes! Podcasting is growing in popularity and is now supported in major applications such as iTunes. Be your own radio station and create your own podcasts."; Simply create an MP3 file in Mixcraft and publish it! In Mixcraft, click on the File menu, select "Mix Down to..." and choose...
24 Apr, 2008
document 895: How do I fit more songs on a CD?
There are 2 important types of CDs that you can burn. Audio CDs (playable in older CD players) MP3 CDs (play in CDs with the MP3 logo) An Audio CD can only hold 74 or 80 minutes of audio An MP3 CD can hold MP3s and it goes by file size, rather than length of audio. Instead of...
19 Jun, 2008
document 998: LP to CD - How to convert your LP records to CD!
Step 1: Hookup Your Record Player Run the software and click "Hookup Wizard". It will guide you through a series of questions and show you images to help you hook up your record player to your computer. Step 2: Get A Good Recording Level The first time you run the software, it will ask you if...
27 Jul, 2008
document 1171: I get an error that says "Exception 0x00AECCA1" and "Bad Elk/Corrupted Foo!"
If you see an error that says "Exception 0x00AECCA1 Bad Elk/Corrupted Foo," try downloading and installing a fresh copy of  Mixcraft 5 software from Mixcraft's download page. If you are a registered user of the current version of the software, there's no additional charge to download and...
17 Aug, 2012
document 984: LP To CD conversion
This tutorial assumes you have installed our highly rated software called "Spin It Again." Download a free trial of Spin It Again. Step 1: Hookup Your Record Player To Your Computer Run the software and click "Hookup Wizard". It will guide you through a series of questions and show you photos...
27 Jul, 2008
document 800: Does the CD Label Maker support Light Scribe?
Yes, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker version 3 does support LightScribe. Download the latest version of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker here. If you don't see a LightScribe option among the toolbar icons along the top of the label maker's screen, make sure you've got the latest LightScribe drivers...
29 Apr, 2015
document 1102: What extra hardware do I need to record a podcast?
You need a microphone to record your voice. You could use the one that came with your computer, but we don't usually recommend that. (The quality is very poor.) We highly recommend a good microphone, mixer and related cables. Visit our studio gear accessories page
31 May, 2008
document 1004: Can I record 78 RPM records, even though my record player doesn't have a 78 speed?
With Spin It Again, you can recreate the original sounds of 78 RPM records with a record player that only supports 33 or 45 RPM. (This will also work for 16 /23 RPM records). Here"s what you'll need to do: 1. First, make sure you've got Spin It Again 2.1 or higher. The latest version of Spin It...
19 Jun, 2008
document 939: I'm seeing the message "Missing WMVCore.DLL"
If you are getting this message when starting MP3 CD Burner, it means you need to install WMA support. You can download the WMA support plug in here.
19 Jun, 2008
document 1099: My computer isn't connected to the Internet, but I want to install Mixcraft.
Download a "full" version of Mixcraft 6 without the loops: Download Mixcraft 6 Installer (For Non-Internet Computers). Or purchase the box version of Mixcraft 6. For older versions of Mixcraft: Download a "full version of Mixcraft 5 without the loops: full version of Mixcraft 5. This...
17 Aug, 2012