I'm having trouble loading videos into Mixcraft!

By default, Mixcraft will support AVI and WMV video files.  However, there are a lot of different types of video files out there.  Knowing what type of video you have is important.  


Mixcraft uses the DirectX decoders that Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Player uses.  As a general rule, if you can't load it in one of those programs, you won't be able to load it into Mixcraft.


If You Can't See Your Video File To Load

To load a video, select "Add Video File..." from the "Video" menu.  Navigate to the folder with your video in it.  If your video is not in the .AVI or .WMV formats, you will need to switch the File Type drop down from "Default Video Files" to "All Files".  Now, you should see your video file.  Select it to load it.


If Your Video Is Not Loading

If the video fails to load, it is because you are most likely missing the correct DirectX video decoder.  The best advice is to do one of the following:


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