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document 1252 - INFO: You can set a default velocity for the MIDI notes you enter in the piano roll
The velocity setting in a MIDI clip indicates how hard a MIDI note should be "struck." You can set the default velocity setting in Mixcraft's piano roll. Clicking on an existing note will automatically set the default velocity for all notes to the velocity of that note.
12 Sep, 2016
document 1269: Publishing Doesn't Seem To Work - Uploading Sits At Zero
If publishing won't work for you, make sure you have installed all Windows updates that pertain to Microsoft .net Framework. Check the "Recommended" update section for the following. KB2901983 KB3102433 KB2533523 KB2600217 Install them if you have not already.
06 Jul, 2016
document 1175: When I play audio in recent versions of Windows, I'm getting strange effects like echoing, or my audio just doesn't sound right -- even outside Mixcraft.
Somebody (or some program) may have inadvertently turned on unwanted audio enhancements in the Windows control panel. Here's how to turn them off: 1. Right-click on the small volume contol in your Windows task bar and select Playback Devices, or go into the Windows control panel, in the Sounds...
28 May, 2016
document 1267 - HOWTO: How to use MIDI from an instrument track to control an effect in Mixcraft.
Mixcraft allows you to send MIDI from an instrument track to an effect on another track by choosing the option called "Use MIDI From Track." Not all effects will react to MIDI data, but some effects, like the GSnap effect can be controlled with MIDI.
26 May, 2016
document 1266 - HOWTO: How can I record volume automation in Mixcraft?
Recording volume automation allows you to record the movement of a control on your MIDI device as you record.
26 May, 2016
document 1265 - HOWTO: Did you know you can disable all of the effects on a track with one click in Mixcraft?
Click FX, and then remove the small check mark that is to the left of the word Effect to turn off all the effects for a track. This can be very helpful if you want to compare how the track sounds with effects to how it sounds without effects.
26 May, 2016
document 1264 - HOWTO: How can I export my Mixcraft tracks as separate files or stems?
If you need to export tracks from Mixcraft as "stems," choose the option to mix down from Mixcraft's File menu, then put a check mark next to the option called "Save Each Track As A Separate File."
26 May, 2016
document 862: Help! I lost my Acoustica program(s)! How do I get them back? Do I have to pay again?
No problem! Just download the program from our download page. The free trial version becomes the full version when you enter your registration ID and code. Install the program and enter your registration information. If you don't have a record of your registration info, you can automatically...
25 May, 2016
document 1192: I was trying to install Mixcraft and I got a sharing violation error!
If you get a sharing violation error like the following while installing Mixcraft, quit all other programs and also close any folders that you might have open. "Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\Program Files\Acoustica Mixcraft 7\mixcraft7.exe." If you don't have any other...
25 May, 2016
document 1251 - INFO: What's new about Mixcraft 7?
Here are just some of the new features in Mixcraft 7: Publishing to popular social media sites like Soundcloud and YouTube Unique filenames for recorded files FLAC audio format support 64-bit version Updated new project dialog that allows you to set the parameters for the project Step sequencer...
25 May, 2016
document 1263 - INFO: What are the limitations of Mixcraft Home Studio 7?
Limitations Compared to Mixcraft 7 (standard) Limited to 16 tracks Limited to 8 performance panel sets. Only 20 built-in effects and 6 built-in virtual instruments. Does not mix down to MP3 or allow CD Burning Automation limited to volume and pan. Library limited to 2096 loops and sound...
19 May, 2016
document 1262 - INFO: Mixcraft ran the first time, but the next time I tried to use it, it crashed or I got plugin errors
The first time you run Mixcraft 7, it does not load any third-party plugins. This is because some faulty or improperly installed plugins can cause Mixcraft to crash. This screen is displayed: The next time you run Mixcraft, it will skip any troublesome plugins that it couldn't load. If you...
13 May, 2016
document 1110: I have Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista and cannot find recording source options I used to have in XP
With windows XP, recording source choices such as "Stereo Mix" and "Mono Mix" are apparent and readily available. Starting with Windows Vista, these choices are "hidden" by default. To enable them you need to unhide them and then enable each device you wish to use. 1. Right-click on the small...
03 May, 2016
document 1261 - HOWTO: Can I slow down a video? Can I speed up a video?
Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the end of a video clip to the right to slow the video down. Ctrl+drag the end of the clip to the left, to speed up the video clip.
29 Apr, 2016
document 1260 - HOWTO: I can't load my video file into Mixcraft!
Mixcraft uses Microsoft DirectShow to decode videos. Make sure Windows and your graphics drivers are up to date. By default, Mixcraft recognizes WMV and most AVI files. If you can't get a video file in another format to load into Mixcraft, you could convert it to WMV. You could use Microsoft's...
29 Apr, 2016
document 1259 - HOWTO: How to slice audio and send it to the performance panel.
Mixcraft 7 allows you to automatically slice up selected audio and send it to the Performance Panel so you can trigger the sections of audio clips.
29 Apr, 2016
document 1258 - HOWTO: How do I select whether the volume of a track affects the send.
You can control whether the volume control on a track affects audio going to a send track. Just right-click on the send knob, select Send Volume Type, and then Pre Volume Adjustment to send the audio before it gets to the volume control or Post Volume Adjustment to send the audio after its volume...
22 Apr, 2016
document 1256 - HOWTO: How to I add a high pass or a low pass filter to a clip in Mixcraft?
Change the volume setting at the top of Mixcraft's screen to one of the low pass or high pass settings, then modify the envelope setting on the clip. You can make long, slow filter sweeps by having the envelope go diagonally across the clip.
20 Apr, 2016
document 1257 - HOWTO: You can drag an audio selection from the audio tab directly into Alpha Sampler!
One easy way to get audio into the Alpha Sampler is to simply select a section of audio on the Sound tab and then drag it right into Alpha Sampler.
19 Apr, 2016
document 1255 - HOWTO: How do I use output bus tracks in Mixcraft?
Click Mixcraft's +Track button to add Output Bus tracks to your project, then set which tracks use the output bus tracks, along with where the output will go, on the Mixer tab. For more info, watch this video: Mixcraft 7 Mixer: Output Bus Routing.
18 Apr, 2016
document 1254 - HOWTO: How do I duplicate a track in Mixcraft?
To make an exact duplicate of a track in Mixcraft, right-click to the left of the track and select the Duplicate Track option.
18 Apr, 2016
document 1253 - HOWTO: If your mixer view is too busy, you can hide some tracks.
If you've got limited space to view all the tracks in Mixcraft's mixer, you can hide some tracks by unchecking them.
18 Apr, 2016
document 1250 - HOWTO: I've got a small pop or click at the start or end of an audio clip!
If you've got a click or a pop at the start or end of an audio clip in Mixcraft, you can zoom in and add a tiny fade in or fade out. You can also highlight the start or end of a clip, then right click on the selected area, select Envelopes and then one of the fade in or fade out options.
18 Apr, 2016
document 1249 - INFO: If you need a closer look at the piano keys or notes in the piano roll, you can zoom.
Mixcraft's piano roll has zoom controls, which can help if the piano keys look too tiny, or if you want to see more notes vertically.
16 Apr, 2016
document 1248 - INFO: For some reason, I can't place an audio or MIDI clip exactly where I want it!
The snap setting that appears at the top of Mixcraft's screen can come in handy when you're trying to keep things in time, but sometimes you might need to decrease the setting or turn it off altogether in order to place a clip exactly where you want it. Note: Mixcraft's piano roll has its own,...
15 Apr, 2016