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document 1260 - HOWTO: I can't load my video file into Mixcraft!
Mixcraft uses Microsoft DirectShow to decode videos. Make sure Windows and your graphics drivers are up to date. By default, Mixcraft recognizes WMV and most AVI files. If you can't get a video file in another format to load into Mixcraft, you could convert it to WMV. You could use a video...
22 Nov, 2018
document 1287 - ERRMSG: I'm getting an error when publishing to Facebook
Facebook changed the way that videos had to be published, and this prevents Mixcraft's publishing feature from working. Workaround: mix down to a WMV file, and upload that to Facebook using Facebook's own video upload interface.
17 Oct, 2018
document 1107: Where can I get more loops and samples?
Here are some suggestions for places to look for loops and samples: Peace Love Productions DJ Puzzle Partners in Rhyme Sample Swap Opuzz.com Looperman.com BigFishAudio.com Freesounds.org Smart Loops Archives.org MVP Loops Acoustica Loop Series
15 May, 2018
document 1286 - INFO: End user agreement for Mixcraft 8
END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR Mixcraft 8. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THIS PROGRAM INSTALL: Acoustica, Inc. End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single...
15 Mar, 2018
document 1285 - HOWTO: VST3 With Long Name Not loading
If you have a VST3 with a long name that won’t load, longer than 31 characters in length, such as “Izotope Ozone 7 Vintage Compressor”, which is 34 characters in length, here’s what you need to do: 1) Install Mixcraft 8 Build 408 (or newer) 2) Select File->Preferences, click on the...
19 Sep, 2017
document 1198: Can I run Mixcraft on a Linux computer using Wine?
Mixcraft generally works very well on a Linux computer running Wine, but there are a few known issues. We have a Google document with the latest information about Wine compatibility. Recommended setup for Linux computers: Ubuntu + Wine + WineASIO
27 Jul, 2017
document 1284 - INFO: Can you recommend 3rd party plug ins, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and other accessories that are compatible with Mixcraft?
Yes we can. Please visit our Resource Links Center here to see a list of resources for hardware and software that work with Mixcraft. Link: Mixcraft Resource Links
19 Jul, 2017
document 1283 - FAQ: Windows Power Plans and CPU Throttling
Symptoms And Clues Does your computer have 40 billion giga-thingys and a jiggawatt of cpu fluid but still seems to have annoying issue and symptoms as explained below? Well, ya might need a power plan overhaul! Cracks, pops, stuttering, skipping and even asio drivers locking up and freezing...
26 Jun, 2017
document 1282 - FIX: The iTunes button doesn't work.
If you get a message that the label maker can't find iTunes, you may be able to fix this issue by changing a setting in iTunes preferences. Select Preferences from the Edit menu, then select the Advanced preferences and put a check mark next to the option called "Share iTunes Library XML with...
10 May, 2017
document 1185: If I create a song using Mixcraft's loops, can I sell it or distribute it without having to pay Acoustica?
Providing that you legally own a Mixcraft license, you may redistribute new works of art, podcasts or other sounds created using Mixcraft's loops royalty-free for any and all commercial and non-commercial uses, but you cannot redistribute the individual loops by themselves in any format, medium or...
24 Mar, 2017
document 1281 - HOWTO: I don't like the dark track background in Mixcraft 8!
Starting with Mixcraft 8, there is a visual theme setting in Display preferences. (File Menu > Preferences > Display > Visual Theme). Restart Mixcraft after changing the setting to see the lighter background.
21 Mar, 2017
document 1280 - HOWTO: How do I drag effects from track to track in Mixcraft recording software?
Starting with Mixcraft 8, you can drag and even copy effects from track to track. Select "Show Effects On Tracks" from the Track menu. To duplicate effects, hold down the Alt key and drag them to another track.
25 Feb, 2017
document 1279 - HOWTO: How do I route MIDI to another track in Mixcraft 8?
Starting with version 8, Mixcraft recording software has an option to route MIDI to another track. You can use this to send MIDI from different tracks into a multi-timbral plugin like Kontakt, each track on a different MIDI channel, controlling a different instrument in the plugin.
25 Feb, 2017
document 1278 - HOWTO: How do I link selected tracks in Mixcraft 8 recording software?
Hold down the Ctrl key and click on multiple tracks in Mixcraft 8 to select them, then right-click to link them. You can then mute, solo, fade, pan, etc. as a group and also move them around as a group.
25 Feb, 2017
document 1277 - HOWTO: Tip: right-click the MIDI Learn option to instantly pop up the MIDI Control Surface settings.
Right-click on Mixcraft's MIDI Learn option to instantly access MIDI control surface settings.
25 Feb, 2017
document 1276 - HOWTO: I've got too many plugins - how can I manage them?
Mixcraft has a new plug-in management system that allows you to easily organize your VST plugins. Check out this video blog entry: Using Mixcraft's Plug-In Management
23 Feb, 2017
document 1275 - HOWTO: I want to learn more about the Nightlife virtual instrument.
Acoustica's free Nightlife VST is a powerful virtual synthesizer. Learn more about it in these video blog posts: Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part One: Oscillators. Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Two: Filters Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Three: Mod Sequencers
23 Feb, 2017
document 1274 - HOWTO: How can I make beats with Mixcraft's loops?
Learn more about creating unique beats from Mixcraft's library of loops: Creative Beat-making With Mixcraft's Loops.
21 Feb, 2017
document 1273 - HOWTO: How do you create mash-ups with Mixcraft?
It's easy to use Mixcraft recording software to create mash-ups, taking one song and meshing it with another for an entirely new creation. Check out this video tutorial: Creating Mashups With Mixcraft.
21 Feb, 2017
document 1272 - HOWTO: How can I publish my songs to YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook or other similar sites?
Mixcraft 8 and Mixcraft 7 allow you to publish your creations directly from your recording software to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Vimo and Tumblr. Learn how to do it in this video blog post from our Zeroes & Ones blog: Publishing Directly to Social Media with Mixcraft....
21 Feb, 2017
document 1271 - HOWTO: How can I improve my vocal recordings in Mixcraft?
When using vocal recording software like Mixcraft, the most important thing when recording vocals is to get a good, clean recording with as little background noise as possible. Make sure the recording level is set so that the audio isn't peaking in the loud parts. Sing across the microphone: point...
21 Feb, 2017
document 1270 - HOWTO: I can't find the "Mix Each Track To A Separate File" option in Mixcraft 8!
Mixcraft 8 has a new "Mix Down To Stems" option in its File menu. This allows you to mix each track to a separate file with additional options so you can control how you export: with or without effects, with or without automation and so on.
06 Feb, 2017
document 1252 - INFO: You can set a default velocity for the MIDI notes you enter in the piano roll
The velocity setting in a MIDI clip indicates how hard a MIDI note should be "struck." You can set the default velocity setting in Mixcraft's piano roll. Clicking on an existing note will automatically set the default velocity for all notes to the velocity of that note.
12 Sep, 2016
document 1269: Publishing Doesn't Seem To Work - Uploading Sits At Zero
If publishing won't work for you, make sure you have installed all Windows updates that pertain to Microsoft .net Framework. Check the "Recommended" update section for the following. KB2901983 KB3102433 KB2533523 KB2600217 Install them if you have not already.
06 Jul, 2016
document 1175: When I play audio in recent versions of Windows, I'm getting strange effects like echoing, or my audio just doesn't sound right -- even outside Mixcraft.
Somebody (or some program) may have inadvertently turned on unwanted audio enhancements in the Windows control panel. Here's how to turn them off: 1. Right-click on the small volume contol in your Windows task bar and select Playback Devices, or go into the Windows control panel, in the Sounds...
28 May, 2016