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How do I make a custom drum kit?

Here"s how to make your own custom drum kits in Beatcraft:

  1. In Beatcraft, click on the File menu and select New Project.
  2. On the "Project Properties" screen, choose "No Kit" for the "Choose a drum kit to use" setting.
  3. Drag the drums you want into the Pattern Editor from the Sample Library.
  4. When you"ve got your new kit the way you want it, drag the new drum kit to the Kit Library.
  5. If your new kit doesn"t fit into any of the existing drum kit group categories, you can create a new group by right-clicking on one of the existing groups (for example: "Rock") and selecting "New Group..." Give it a name and save it and you can then drag your new kit into the new group.

Have fun creating your own custom dream kits!