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Help! I have Windows Vista and the help file for my Acoustica program won"t open.

Microsoft has made the decision to stop supporting the .hlp file format in Windows Vista. We've already updated Mixcraft 3 and Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker to the new help file format. Get the latest versions from Acoustica's download page. An updated version of MP3 CD Burner is now in beta and a new version of Spin It Again is also on the way.

You can download the help file in PDF format from the support page for your Acoustica product.

You can also get winhlp32.exe file from Windows XP and place it in your Windows folder to add support for .hlp files to Windows Vista. If you just need it for your Acoustica program, you can place it in that program's folder.

For your convenience, we've posted winhlp32.exe here.