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Skips and pops are in my ripped tracks!

Older CD drives (readers) do not have the ability to seek properly to a position on a CD and, thus, if they get out of sync, it will produce a pop in the audio. Here are some things to try.

* Make sure the CD is clean and does not have scratches on it. (It may be permanently damaged and there may be no way to avoid the pop.)

** Disc cleaning systems such as Digital Innovations "SkipDr" clean up scratches/errors surprisingly well! You may also try cleaning your CD lenses!

* Try turning the "Jitter" setting to "ON" in the Preferences on the "Ripping Tracks" section. (Ripping may be more accurate, but slower.

* Try ripping the CD on another CD drive if you have more than one.

* Shut down other programs, including screensavers and virus checkers to free up your computer"s resources.

* Try ripping to WAV format, instead of MP3. (This requires less computer power.)

* If you are using the Goldenhawk Rip/Burn engine, try changing your ASPI layer. If you are using Acoustica, try un-checking it to use the default Window"s ASPI layer.

* Try purchasing and installing a new CD Drive. (Writers and readers are pretty inexpensive these days.)

* Contact our support staff.