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Why does the song information change from what is showing in Windows?

When you load or add a song to MP3 CD Burner, the software reads the "tags" or song information. In some cases, the "tags" are different than the actual filename. For example, you could have a file called "stings-lost-paradise.mp3" located in your "My Documents" folder, but the tag information might be the following:

Artist: Bush Album: Untitled Track Name: Peachable

If you got this file off the Internet, there is no guarantee that the tags will be correct, it depends on who did the "tagging". Currently, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner uses the tags for song listings in its Music Library.

You can always fix the tags, though, by either right clicking on the song and selecting "Edit Tag Information..." or by selecting the song and dragging it into a folder. Check out our file tag editing tutorial.