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What is the maximum length Spin It Again can record?

Spin It Again is limited to recording 3.38 hours of audio at CD quality.

However, you can change the sample rate and other factors to get more recording time. (IE: you are recording an 8 hour book on tape.)

Max Time Format
31 minutes 192,000 hz, 24 bit, stereo
62 minutes 96,000 hz, 24 bit, stereo
3.38 hours 44,100 hz, 16 bit, stereo
6.76 hours 44,100 hz, 16 bit, mono
13.52 hours 22,050 hz, 16 bit, mono
54.10 hours 11,025 hz, 8 bit, mono

You can change the recording format in the settings, by clicking "Settings". Click on the "Recording" page and change the settings to the appropriate values.