March Madness! Mercury-6 On Sale in the Mixcraft Store

Mercury-6, Cherry Audio's highly rated and hugely popular Jupiter-6 emulation, is on sale throughout the month of March at the out-of-this-world price of only $39, 20% off the regular price of $49.

Mercury-6 captures all that is exceptional in this classic and boosts the extraordinary feature set and functionality for today's DAW production and workflow. We've added velocity sensitivity, improved the split mode, and added a layer mode capable of stacking two different sounds simultaneously with per-layer stereo panning, detuning, and sustain. A panel control lets users easily select and navigate between these layers and includes a utility function for exchanging settings between the lower and upper layers, or even between presets. And with polyphony extended to 16 notes, Mercury-6 won't easily run out of voices.

Computer Music: 10 out of 10!"This is one of the best vintage reissues we’ve ever seen in software, at a great price to boot. If you enjoy an uncluttered signal flow with a plugin that exudes nostalgia and contemporary flare, this is a beautiful synth for all seasons."

MusicTech: 10 out of 10 and the 'Excellence Award'!"Mercury-6 is an excellent tool for sound design and electronic music and notably for scoring too, capable not just of searing techno sequences, but guttural drones, sinister high-pitched stabs and even electronic percussion."

Mercury-6 synthesizer can be purchased through the Mixcraft Store and for the incredibly low sale price of only $39 through March 31st, and is provided in VST, VST3, and standalone formats.