Mixcraft 10 - A Guide to What's New

Mixcraft 10 has arrived! Not sure where to start? Here's a quick guide with links that detail all that is new in the latest version of Acoustica's flagship DAW.

What's New in Mixcraft 10 - The Top 10 most impressive new features in Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio and Pro Studio

Feature Comparison between Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio and Pro Studio - Mixcraft 10 is available in two value-packed versions. Which is right for you?

Upgrade Pricing - Registered users of previous versions of Mixcraft enjoy generous upgrade pricing and can get Mixcraft 10 at a surprisingly low price!

Free Trial - Download a free, fully-functional two-week trial of Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio to test drive your own personal music recording studio. It won't overwrite your existing Mixcraft setup, so there's nothing to lose!

What's New in Mixcraft 10 Video - Nathan Smith from the Fans of Mixcraft channel on YouTube has created this video to showcase the exciting new features of Mixcraft 10.