Mixcraft Loyalty Credits Program

With every purchase made in the Mixcraft Store, you’ll receive loyalty points that translate to virtual cash you can use on your next purchase.

What Are Mixcraft Credits?

Mixcraft Credits are tokens you will earn for each purchase that can be applied to future orders. The value of Mixcraft Credits is calculated as a percentage (usually 5%) of the purchase price. The Mixcraft Credit value is displayed in dollars for each item in the Mixcraft Store (example: "You will earn 2.50 in Mixcraft Credits") and in your cart at checkout.

Where can I see how many Mixcraft Credits I have?

Your total available Mixcraft Credits can be viewed on your account profile page in the Acoustica Store, and are displayed at the top of the Mixcraft Store tab in Mixcraft. You may have already earned Mixcraft Credits for purchases made before the program went into effect!

When do my Mixcraft Credits become available?

Earned Mixcraft Credits become available after the purchase return period has passed. This is usually 30 days after making a purchase. Until that time, earned credits will appear on your account profile as 'pending' status.

How long do I have to spend my Mixcraft Credits?

Mixcraft credits never expire!

How can I use my Mixcraft Credits?

To use Mixcraft Credits, simply select the 'Apply Mixcraft Credits' checkbox at the bottom of your shopping cart during checkout. Your available Mixcraft Credits will be applied to your purchase.

Disclaimer: Mixcraft Credits have no cash value. Mixcraft Credits are redeemable only on purchases made through the Acoustica store or initiated in the Store tab of Mixcraft 10. Mixcraft Credits cannot be applied to past purchases. Mixcraft Credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Terms subject to subject to change. Acoustica reserves the right to adjustment at its discretion. If you have any question about the Mixcraft Credits Loyalty Program, please contact Support.