The Mixcraft 10 Tutorials of CommonTime Productions

Mar 11, 2024 | CommonTime Productions

CommonTime Productions (YouTube link) has created several Mixcraft 10 tutorials focused on specific tasks such as Melodyne, automation, Steven Slate Drums, and more. Be sure to watch, like, and subscribe to see more of this excellent tutorial video series!

Five Ways to Automate in Mixcraft 10 (above)

Today, Sam dives into five powerful ways to automate your tracks, ensuring a polished, professional sound. We explore manual automation, real-time recording of automation moves, send track automation, master track automation, and the dynamic control offered by MIDI controllers. Note: The automation moves showcased in this video are exaggerated for example purposes. In a typical automation session, you would spend much more time level matching and making precise adjustments to ensure a clean, balanced mix.

5 Features Of Mixcraft 10

In this video, we uncover 5 features that could revolutionize your audio and video production. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, these tools are game changers: 1️. Melodyne: Perfect your audio with advanced pitch correction (Pro Studio version only). 2️. Performance Panel: Enhance live performances and spontaneous composing. 3️. Loop Library: Discover a vast array of sounds and how to expand it even further. 4️. Video Editing: Delve into Mixcraft's versatile video capabilities. 5️. Native Instruments: A sneak peek into the power of VST in Mixcraft.

How To Mix A Full Song In Mixcraft 10

Today, Sam unfolds the techniques of mixing a full song, SSL Style, in Mixcraft 10, using the song "Open Up Your Eyes" by the talented Pete Mroz. We want to thank our dear friends at Produce Like A Pro, who have graciously provided the multi-tracks for this tutorial. In this tutorial, Sam meticulously walks you through each stage of mixing the entire song, shedding light on approaching a mix with only the native SSL-style channel strips in Mixcraft 10. This is a computer resource-friendly course since it uses no third-party plugins.

SSD5 Drums + Mixcraft 10(click to view)

In today's tutorial, we're delving into the world of digital drumming and music production with Steven Slate’s SSD5 Drums and Mixcraft 10.

Make Music with Mixcraft & Loopcloud(click to view)

In today's tutorial, we delve into the world of Mixcraft 10 and Loopcloud. Whether you're a budding musician or an experienced producer, this video is your guide to creating amazing music using loops. Follow along as we demonstrate step-by-step how to select, modify, and integrate loops into a cohesive song.

How to Use Melodyne in Mixcraft 10(click to view)

Dive into the harmonious world of Melodyne Essential in today's tutorial, part of our Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio series. Whether you're fine-tuning your vocal tracks or exploring new sound design possibilities, this video is your comprehensive guide to Melodyne Essential.

Mixcraft Like a Pro (click to view)

In this in-depth tutorial, we dive headfirst into the art of mixing a full song in Mixcraft 10, from the very beginning to the polished end. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn the ropes or an experienced mixer looking to refine your skills, this guide has something for everyone.

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