Made with Mixcraft 10 - Infamous Quick's "Eat Your Heart Out" and Rush's "Tom Sawyer"

Oct 11, 2023 | Michigan Audiolab

Acoustica's QA Manager Eric VanLandingham has added two new performances with his band Infamous Quick, recorded with Mixcraft 10.

Infamous Quick - "Eat Your Heart Out"
Recorded on October 6, 2023 at Scooters Bar & Grill, Flint, MI

"I built a mobile studio PC with Mixcraft 10, and a 16-channel PreSonus rack-mounted mixer/interface. Recorded our show on Friday night. I am pretty happy with the recording and I get to show off Mixcraft to everyone in the venue.

Infamous Quick doing Rush's "Tom Sawyer", live at the same gig.

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