Mixcraft 10 How-To's and More from TrevsAudio

Jan 26, 2024 | Trevs Audio

One of Mixcraft's most engaged and helpful users is musician TrevsAudio, and he's started a pair of new Mixcraft 10 playlists on YouTube that all users will want to check out.

"Hi, I’m Trevor and thanks for visiting my YouTube channel.

This follows my home music production project which I started when I retired in 2011, aged 62.

I'd been playing in various bands since the age of 10 so it seemed a logical progression, once I had a bit more time on my hands, to set up a very basic home studio and start recording covers of some of the songs I've loved through the decades. This of course was just for my own pleasure and enjoyment, and I had to learn everything about recording from scratch.

So, through this channel, I'd like to show you step by step, how I record and produce ‘full band’ music covers on my own with only some basic equipment and music software.

My goal is to share my experience and lessons learned along the way, in the hope that it may encourage others to pursue a similar venture.

I hope you will join me on this journey and derive as much pleasure and fulfillment as I have."

Mixcraft 10 Recording Software Playlist - Currently three videos with more to come

  • An Overview of Mixcraft 10

  • How I Customized Mixcraft 10

  • Creating Templates in Mixcraft 10

A Song a Week in Mixcraft 10 Playlist - Here I go through a cover song I did ("Reflections of my Life" by Marmalade) from start to finish.

  • Day 1: Setup and Arrangement

  • Day 2: Drums and Bass

  • Day 3: Guitars

  • Day 4: Keys and Virtual Instruments

  • Day 5: Vocals and Harmonies

  • Day 6: Mixing

  • Day 7: Mastering and Publishing

Listen to more of Trevs Audio on SoundCloud

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