Mixcraft University Videos and More on YouTube

Jun 16, 2023 | Mixcraft

We may have released Mixcraft 10 and the Mixcraft 10 University series, but we haven't forgotten about the previous versions that you all know and love. And we know that some of you are still jamming away with Mixcraft 9, 8, 7, and even earlier.

Fortunately, we've developed an impressive library of video content for each of these versions - which is all still available on the Mixcraft YouTube channel!

We'll be adding tons of brand-new, Mixcraft 10-specific videos over the next few months. So if you're eager to explore all the newest features and upgrades, stay tuned! We can't wait to guide you through everything Mixcraft has to offer - from the basics to the latest-and-greatest advancements.

Thank you all for being such dedicated and passionate members of the Mixcraft community. We're grateful for your continued support and can't wait to see what you'll create next. Happy mixing!

Mixcraft 9

Mixcraft 9 University 101 - In this series, you'll learn all the basics of using Acoustica Mixcraft 9 to create your music from production expert Cameron (Venus Theory). This Intro to Mixcraft series will teach you all of the core concepts you'll need to know to set up Mixcraft for the first time all the way through to some basic mixing and mastering principles to get your first song ready to share with the world!

Mixcraft 9 University 202 - You'll learn all about audio and MIDI editing, getting started with Melodyne, the performance panel, and more!

Mixcraft 9 University 303 - Importing samples, Vocoder tracks, Advanced Mixing, and more!

Mixcraft 9 Quick Tips Series - Bite-sized tutorials covering everything from recoding, cleaner mixes, and how to use EQ.

Miscellaneous Mixcraft 9 Videos - The features of Mixcraft 9, a look at the Vocoder, and more.

Fans of Mixcraft Key Shortcuts Series - Views, zooms, scrolls, and snap for tracks and clips in Mixcraft 9.

Mixcraft 8

Mixcraft 8 University - Mixcraft 8 lessons, including Basic Vocal Tuning With Melodyne, Audio Control, Compressor Sidechaining, Mixing Down to Stems, and more.

Mixcraft 7

Mixcraft 7 University - Over 60 (!) tutorial videos on how to get the most out of Mixcraft 7 music recording software.

Mixcraft for Guitarists - Jeff Payne and Brad Krug dig into Mixcraft 7, axes in hand.

Mixcraft 7 Studio Tips - Mixcraft guru Eric VanLandingham shares tips on hardware compressor simulation, reverb, and simple ways to build a drum kit.

Zeros & Ones Blog Videos - Acoustica's Mitchell Sigman talks about and teaches Mixcraft 7 in dozens of videos from the Zeros & Ones blog.

Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6 University - Travel a decade back in time with the original of the University videos, where you'll learn all the basics of using Acoustica Mixcraft 6 to create your music.

Mixcraft 5

Mixcraft 5 Mini Tips - 18 videos that may save your mix!

Mixcraft 4

Mixcraft 4 Tutorials - Everything you wanted to know about Mixcraft 4 in the original Mixcraft tutorial video series from Jeff Dykhouse of How Audio.