Made with Mixcraft - Summertime by Deja Vu

Sep 11, 2023 | AjayMuzak

Allan James of the band Deja Vu shares their tribute to the long, hot summer days and nights, past and present, made with Mixcraft 9.

"Summer is coming to an end so here’s Summertime by the boys from Deja Vu for you.

This song originates from a guitar chord sequence featuring major 7ths, major 6ths and diminished 7ths. Oh and a wee flat 9 or two for good measure!

The initial concept was ‘turn back the clock’ where the lads reflected on their early years as a band in the ‘80s. But the notion of summer and the positivity that brings changed the direction of the song towards memories - past and present of the long, hot summer days and nights.

So…sit back, relax - make sure you have a nice cold beer in hand - and experience one more time those heady summer moments."