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Mixcraft 9 Pro Holiday Sales Event and More!

Upgrade now to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio for as little as $19! Registered users of any previous version of Mixcraft enjoy up to 90% off upgrades! Read More »

Nov 23, 2022

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Alessandro Derosas

Alessandro Derosas demonstrates the Shred Amp Simulator included with Mixcraft 9. Read More »

Oct 11, 2022

Mixcraft Nominated for Best DAW - SOS 2023 Awards

Nominations for the 2023 SOS Awards are in, and Mixcraft has been nominated for Best DAW. Please vote! Read More »

Oct 10, 2022

New to Mixcraft? Great Deals for the End of Summer!

Ready to add Mixcraft to your studio? Fall into savings with these 50% off deals for Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio or Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio for a limited time! Read More »

Aug 25, 2022

Go Pro with Unprecedented Deals for a Limited Time!

Upgrade to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio at a huge discount for a limited time! Up to 90% off through August 15th! Read More »

Jul 15, 2022

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Rain Absolute

Finnish synthwave producer and Mixcraft user Rain Absolute shares his visions of the future and how Mixcraft makes them happen! Read More »

Jul 7, 2022

Eddie Rosa Grabs the Gold Again!

Multi-Platinum Mix Engineer and Mixcraft user Eddie Rosa (aka Lil Edd) has received his fourth RIAA Gold certification, this time for BlueFace's "Outside (Better Days)". Read More »

Jul 5, 2022

Fans of Mixcraft New Livestream Series

Nate of the "Fans of Mixcraft" YouTube channel has returned, this time debuting a new setup and the first of a new livestream series! Read More »

Jun 29, 2022

Best Music Award for Emily the Little Match Girl

Congratulations to Mixcraft user Matt Hickinbottom on his Best Music award for Emily the Little Match Girl at the Midlands Movies Awards Read More »

Jun 13, 2022

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: SICARD

This month we turn the Mixcraft spotlight on Juan David Gómez Sicard, known as SICARD, a Colombian producer, songwriter, and rock artist from Bogotá, Colombia. Read More »

May 10, 2022

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Plastical People

Peruvian indie pop band Plastical People talks about their start, how they weathered the pandemic, and how Mixcraft has helped them move from home production to their first full-length album. Read More »

Apr 4, 2022

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Vasaria Project

Musician/Producer Vasaria Project discusses his game and anime inspired music and how he uses Mixcraft in productions such as his latest, "Deliverance." Read More »

Mar 22, 2022

King Buzz Mixcraft 9 Tutorial - Vocal Compression

Mixcraft wizard and Artist, Engineer, and Producer King Buzz creates powerful tutorials on his YouTube channel. Check out one of his latest, "Vocal Compression Made Simple." Read More »

Mar 18, 2022

Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio $19 Upgrade Offer EXTENDED Through March 15, 2022!

Attention ALL previous version owners of Mixcraft Home Studio and Mixcraft Recording Studio. You are eligible to take advantage of this limited time exclusive offer. Upgrade to Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio for only $19! That's 80% off the list price of $99! This offer has been extended through March 15, 2022! Read More »

Feb 3, 2022

Mixcraft Holiday Sales Event Ends January 2, 2022!

50% off Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio ($49) and Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio ($99). Mixcraft Registered Users of any previous version enjoy up to 85% off Upgrades! Read More »

Nov 12, 2021

Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Producer, Musician, Andre Lefebvre

Producer and musician Andre Lefebvre teamed up with Celestial Fire to produce a new version of Magna Carta's 1973 song Lord Of The Ages. Read More »

Apr 23, 2021

Featured Artist Eddie Rosa Goes Gold Again! Hits Top 100 Billboard Charts!

Producer and long time Mixcraft user Eddie Rosa gets his 2nd RIAA Gold Certified Record and hits the Top 100 Billboard Charts! Read More »

Jan 25, 2021

Holiday Sale EXTENDED through January 3, 2021!

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio only $99! Save 25% off Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio Upgrades! A gift to you, Cherry Audio's Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer! Read More »

Dec 1, 2020

Acoustica Black Friday 2020 Sale Is On - Up To 50% Off!

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio only $99! Save 25% off Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio Upgrades! A gift to you, Cherry Audio's Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer! Read More »

Nov 18, 2020

Mixcraft 9 updated for Melodyne issue
Mixcraft 9 updated for Melodyne issue

Mixcraft 9 has been updated for Melodyne 5.1 which has an issue Read More »

Nov 10, 2020

Mixcraft Featured Artist - Evandale

2018 Best New Artist (Omaha Ent. & Arts Award), Evandale, hard-core rockers, talk about their new music and how the band adjusts in a post Covid-19 music scene. Read More »

Oct 15, 2020

Featured Artist: Red-Tailed Healer

From North Macedonia, Damjan Milanovski and Ivana Stefanovska of Red-Tailed Healer talk about music, resilience, the art of songwriting and studio production. Read More »

Aug 24, 2020

Featured Artist - Eric VanLandingham of Infamous Quick

Many of you know Mixcraft Product Specialist, Eric VanLandingham. Meet the real Eric VanLandingham; producer and guitar phenom. Read More »

Aug 12, 2020

Sandra Szabo & Marcus Greenway Mixcraft Featured Artists:

Capturing powerful vocals are the most important element to producing a great song. Sandra and Marcus live by this mantra. Read More »

Jul 31, 2020

Pioneering Content Providers: Soundtrack Loops

Two long time friends, Jason Donnelly and Matt Yost, talk about their craft, making good sample libraries, and creating the perfect loop. Read More »

Jul 9, 2020

#mixcraft 9 #soundtrack
"Dices" Featured Artist and Mixcraft Prodigy Grows Up!

Catch up with Dices. Producer, songwriter, Mixcraft 9 video tutorial publisher, beatmaker, YouTuber... Read More »

Jun 24, 2020

Mixcraft University 303 Video Series Released!

Acoustica releases Mixcraft University 303 tutorials, the third in a series of new Mixcraft University video tutorials. Read More »

Jun 16, 2020

Lil Edd Goes Gold with Mixcraft 9

Introducing Lil Edd, RIAA Gold Certified Mixing Engineer and long-time Mixcraft user. DDG's single, Arguments, has sold over 500,000 downloads, and the video has over 44 million views. Read More »

May 4, 2020

Free Mixcraft Student @Home License During School Closures

Mixcraft Educators - keep your students engaged at home during school closures. FREE Mixcraft Temporary Student @Home Licenses. Read More »

Apr 3, 2020

#education #mixcraft
Mixcraft University 202 Video Series Released!

Acoustica releases Mixcraft University 202 tutorials, the second in a series of new Mixcraft University video tutorials. Read More »

Apr 3, 2020

#tutorial #mixcraft 9
Build 458 released

Get the latest update of Mixcraft 9! Change list and info on how to update. Read More »

Apr 2, 2020

#mixcraft 9 #update
Free Mixcraft Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans During School Closures

COVID-19 has deeply affected all of us, and here at Acoustica, we want to help. Get the FREE Teacher's Guide, with lessons for all student levels. Read More »

Mar 21, 2020

Acoustica Launches Mixcraft University 101 Video Series!

Acoustica releases "Mixcraft University 101" series. The first in a series of new Mixcraft University video tutorials. Read More »

Mar 2, 2020

#tutorial #mixcraft 9
Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio Video Tutorial!

Here is an in-depth look at Mixcraft 9 through the eyes of Venus Theory, producer, and resident Mixcraft 9 content provider. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the video. Read More »

Feb 25, 2020

#tutorial #mixcraft 9
Mybandyourband Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio FREE Prize Giveaway (UK Residents)!

To UK Mixcraft users, mybandyourband is celebrating reaching 5000 likes & follows on Facebook. Contest runs through February 28, 2020. Read More »

Feb 6, 2020

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio review by Professional Sound

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio continues Acoustica's ascendance in recent years as one of the premier DAW developers in the PC world. Read More »

Feb 5, 2020

Build 452 released!

Mixcraft 9 Build 452 update released. One new feature is a new tap tempo on the transport! Read More »

Feb 4, 2020

#update #download
Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio review by Producer Spot

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio is a complex program suitable for any studio job, so it definitely can be the best choice for any music producer. Read More »

Feb 4, 2020

Build 447 Released

New update includes many bug fixes and enhancements. See the full list. Read More »

Jan 15, 2020

#update #download
Mixcraft 9 for Schools Released!

Schools own license in perpetuity, no annual subscription fees, MSI installer, FREE curriculum, tech support and teacher licenses. Read More »

Jan 9, 2020

New Mixcraft 9 Overview Video

Mitchell Sigman takes us through a short overview video of some of the new features in Mixcraft 9. Read More »

Jan 3, 2020

#video #news
Acoustica and Ujam Sponsor Music for Video Contest. Enter to Win!

Use free trials of Mixcraft 9, Virtual Guitarist Carbon and Virtual Drummer Heavy. Enter to win full licenses! Read more... Read More »

Jan 2, 2020

The Making Of The Mixcraft 9 Demo Song

Cameron from Venus Theory explains how he started on Mixcraft 4, and how he came full circle to create the Mixcraft 9 demo song. Read More »

Dec 24, 2019

Last Chance! NEW YEARS Sale! $10 off Mixcraft 9 Upgrades!

Last Chance! NEW YEARS Sale! $10 of Mixcraft 9 Upgrades. Take advantage of this special introductory offer while it lasts. Offer ends January 5, 2020! Read More »

Dec 20, 2019

Mixcraft 9 Build 442 released!
Mixcraft 9 Build 442 released!

This recommended update includes many fixes and some enhancements. Read More »

Dec 19, 2019

Acoustica Vocoder

We've started working on a series of Mixcraft 9 videos. Based on popular demand, here is the video on using the new Acoustica Vocoder included in Mixcraft 9. Read More »

Dec 12, 2019

Overview Videos Made By Fans Of Mixcraft

These videos provide a terrific overview of many of the new features found in Mixcraft 9. Read More »

Nov 29, 2019

Acoustica Releases Mixcraft 9!

Everyone at Acoustica is absolutely thrilled to be announcing the release of Mixcraft 9. It's a true labor of love, built for musicians, by musicians... Read More »

Nov 26, 2019