Build 452 released!

Updated Mixcraft 9 Build 452

When releasing new software to the public, developers and QA invariably miss some issues and defects. We have been working hard to fix these issues as they come in, and we will continue to fix bugs as they are discovered. If you've found a bug or issue, please contact our support. We'd like to fix it!

To get the latest version update, simply launch Mixcraft 9 and choose "Check For Updates..." on the "Help" menu. This will check to see if you are caught up and download the latest update patch if one is available. Once downloaded, it will require you to exit Mixcraft, and then the update will install. Relaunching Mixcraft will run the updated version.

If you don't yet have Mixcraft 9 installed, go to the download page to download Mixcraft 9, or log in to the Acoustica Customer Data Center.

Note: We did notice that a patch file was corrupted when we initially released 452 on Feb 4th, 2020. We temporarily disabled the patch, but now it has been fixed, tested, and re-enabled. If you were one of the handful that got the update on 2/4/2020 and Mixcraft 9 is not working for you, please reinstall the full version of the software and make sure to include legacy plugins during the install. Sorry about the inconvenience. 

02/04/20 Mixcraft 9.0 Build 452

  • Fix for undoing deleting submix with linked child tracks into one undo event 
  • More translated strings for different languages. 
  • All ToneBoosters plug-ins updated to include fix for rare Windows 7 crash. 
  • Bug #11805, slicing to Omni Sampler no longer closes and opens the mixer for every sample. 
  • Added special MIDI editing option to draw velocity if one note is selected. 
  • Bug #11801, fixed occasional drawing glitch adding clips to frozen tracks. 
  • Removed art references in v8 skin 
  • Added ability to add stop button on armed track slots in the performance panel. Right click on a record button on a slot. 
  • Bug #11800, fixed problems duplicating frozen tracks. 
  • Bug #11799, fixed tempo automation glitch when transitions happen very quickly. 
  • Bug #11797, newly recorded perf panel audio clips now obey the project tempo. 
  • Fix for crashing double clicking during recording in pp 
  • Fixed rare alt drag wrong spot crash 
  • Lower requirements to play initial demo project. 
  • Plays LOW CPU demo project if unplugged or too low in CPU. 
  • Increased VST2 frame rate to 20 fps (up from 10) 
  • Bug 11793 - Disappearing preset problem related to undo 
  • Build number added to sndengine crash logging. 
  • Continued fix for painting automation from frozen tracks. 
  • Fixed header text color to show correct contrasting color. 
  •  Bug #11725, prevent project playback starting via MIDI controller when prefs dialog is opening. 
  • Low CPU/on battery demo song for Mixcraft 9 
  • Added warning about battery use. 
  • Also now not showing vst dialog when loading and they already have vsts loading. 
  • Fixed mixer meter art Changed "system processors" to "logical processors" to be more technically correct. 
  • Fix for plugins that launch a modal dialog - we no longer allow users to delete effects in mid-load which could happen if the effect launched a modal/modeless dialog. 
  • Fixes the Waves plugins issue when it needs its sample locations set. 
  • Bug #11770, micro-fades now work in performance panel. 
  • Bug 11769 - Freeze / deadlock between change inst lock and plugin collection lock 
  • Bug #11772, fix for Help with Automation on instrument tracks showing Tempo Map instead of help file. 
  • Bug 11774 - Mapping two MIDI controllers doesn't work correctly for virtual instruments Fix for arm/disarm when track was not selected. 
  • Fix for loading translations and some pref control resizing for translations. 
  • Fixed mix down to new clip with quick fades. 
  • New tap tempo feature when clicking tempo control on transport! 
  • Fixed unlink track mixer display issue 
  • Will now allow for arabic and thai typing / character set. Not translated, though. 
  • Major speed up for loading Waves VST3 plugins. Important fix! 
  • Fix for showing frozen automation tracks and clips on automation lanes 
  • Fix for adjusting pitch envelopes. It now snaps to integral semitone adjustments. 
  •  Use set exact value for more exact control. 
  • Added pref to invert clips in "X-Ray" mode. 
  • Fix for loading projects in WaveRT mode - rare freeze. 
  • Submix tracks should not show an input option in the mixer.

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Feb 4, 2020

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