"Dices" Featured Artist and Mixcraft Prodigy Grows Up!

We first interviewed Dices as a Mixcraft Featured Artist several years ago when we were struck by the quality of Mixcraft videos he published on his YouTube channel, Iamdices. A youngster back then with talent, skill, professional attitude, hard-work ethic, and a funny, warm and considerate personality, Dices has grown up! Mature beyond his years, today Dices is earning his living on social media as a monster content provider. We asked Dices about the path he took to get to where he is going:

"I worked multiple jobs like restaurants, Home Depot and Big Lots. But every day I came home from work and uploaded beats to my original YouTube channel Produced by Dices. Amassing over 55,000 subscribers, it took about nine months until I was making enough to pay rent. It was then that I decided to go full time as a social media influencer. My TikTok account is just starting to make money. It'll definitely turn that into another revenue stream in the future!"

Among his credits are well-produced songs with natural flow, entertaining and informative videos with over a million views and nearly 70,000 subscribers to his YouTube channels.  We believe he is just getting started. What better way to get to know Dices then to watch this Q&A interview celebrating his YouTube channel 10,000 subscriber milestone?

For his many followers dating back to Mixcraft 6 in 2011, Dices has been the go-to content provider for Mixcraft videos catering to Hip-Hop, Trap, Club and Pop genres. He does not stop there: for beginners and advanced users, you can find hundreds of videos covering beat-making, vocal recording, mixing, remixing, mastering, VST instruments and effects, automation, send tracks and general "What's New" videos whenever we come out with a new version. Watch Dices and other Mixcraft Users Mixcraft tutorials. Here is Dices new Mixcraft 9 Tutorial video about "Mixing Vocal harmonies."

A shout out and thank you to Dices for his continued support of Acoustica and the thousands of Mixcraft users who watch his videos everyday. We have a feeling that the next time we check in with Dices, we will have to get in line. Because of his self-awareness and disciplined approach to his craft, being at the top of his game now, the sky is the limit for Dices.

Jun 24, 2020