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Registered users of Mixcraft can now upgrade to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio at a huge discount for a limited time! Take advantage of discounts up to 90% off list ($199) through August 15, 2022.

Go full Pro from:

  • Mixcraft Recording Studio 9 or earlier - just $19!
  • Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 or earlier - just $19!
  • Mixcraft Home Studio 8 or earlier - just $39!

Check your email for your personal offer and link, or see the updated Mixcraft Upgrades page for details.

Not sure about what you're missing? Check out the Comparison Chart to see all of the extra features, instruments, and effects that are exclusive to 9 Pro.

But don't delay! These are our lowest prices for Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio ever, and likely won't be repeated!

Jul 15, 2022