Lil Edd Goes Gold with Mixcraft 9

Eddie Rosa (aka Lil Edd), from Charlotte, NC, is a talented songwriter, artist, and producer. He has been writing, mixing and producing in Mixcraft for over a decade. 

These last few years have found Lil Edd behind the mixing board for many up-and-coming talented artists, including Epic Records artist DDG (below with Lil Edd), whose single "Arguments" off the album "Valedictorian" continues to move up the charts and is taking off like a rocket ship.

On April 15, 2020, DDG and Lil Edd got their first RIAA Gold Certified Record. Arguments has sold over 500,000 downloads, and the video has over 44 million views. An absolute must listen/watch experience, super sound quality, riveting lyrics, performance and astounding video production and visual graphics. Here is Arguments (WARNING: explicit content and language):

Lil Edd recently contacted us at Acoustica, letting us know that he's always found Mixcraft to be an invaluable tool for recording, mixing, and producing his tracks. We want to thank Lil Edd for using Mixcraft to create an incredible portfolio of awesome-sounding music. To learn more, follow Lil Edd on Instagram and Twitter.

May 4, 2020