Build 447 Released

Updated Mixcraft 9 Build 447

When releasing new software to the public, developers and QA invariably miss some issues and defects. We have been working hard to fix these issues as they come in, and we will continue to fix bugs as they are discovered. If you've found a bug or issue, please contact our support. We'd like to fix it!

To get the latest version update, simply launch Mixcraft 9 and choose "Check For Updates..." on the "Help" menu. This will check to see if you are caught up and download the latest update patch if one is available. Once downloaded, it will require you to exit Mixcraft, and then the update will install. Relaunching Mixcraft will run the updated version.

If you don't yet have Mixcraft 9 installed, go to the download page to download Mixcraft 9, or log in to the Acoustica Customer Data Center.

Changes from v9 build 442 to 447

  • After undoing insert time, a clip split by this was not restored in one undo. 
  • Fixed tempo automation issues and undo..for refreezing tracks, etc. 
  • Fixed undo tempo marker : add - was not deleting the tempo points. 
  • Fixed setting exact value of clip automation when clip was left trimmed. 
  • Freezing an armed audio track, then hitting undo, now restores the armed state. 
  • Fix for freeze when freezing an armed audio track in ASIO mode Bug #11664, fix for possible pitch problems when playing clip with pitch envelope 
  • Quick fade for recordings adheres to prefs Changed micro-fade time from 2 ms to 10 ms 
  • Bug #11734, fix for parametric EQ power button showing incorrect state. 
  • Fixed progress bar in v8 skin 
  • Now restarting midi clip on note erasing 
  • Allowing playing of muted clips in perf panel 
  • Mouse wheel fixed for track list in mixer (on left side) 
  • Fix for tempo conflict issue with track markers when loading a project. 
  • Was missing the mix 9 templates for the normal project open dialog 
  • Bug #11733, fix for crash using tempo-synced LFO automation on master track FX when playing project.
  • Added new Pro Studio Example Project 
  • Fix for minor draw glitch for moving sliders via controllers 
  • Added new translation strings for languages 
  • Fixed nullptr crash related to piano roll 
  • Fixed extension code for v9 
  • Bug #11713 & 11714, fixed issues converting audio to MIDI if clip is cropped, time stretched, etc. 
  • Bug #11719, fix for internal asserts when soloing track in project with audio control 
  • Improvements to asio interface prefs and defaulting asio to use preferred asio settings Use mainWindow->GetHWND() consistently for all ASIO driver loading 
  • Fixed how mixer buttons line up in horiz mode 
  • Bug 11707 - Cancelling a rotate video process gives strange results 
  • Bug #11691, bypass undo is fixed for the Parametric EQ fixed power buttons for v8 skin 
  • Darker piano roll for 1st and 3rd beats. (Alt beats) 
  • Bulletproofing Bug #11686, fix for recorded clips going out of sync in the performance panel when their automation was adjusted. 
  • Fix for crash with moving melodyne clip to perf panel after mixdown 
  • We no longer open and then immediately close audio devices when starting Mixcraft. 
  • Bug #11675 - fix for ASIO buffer size being wrong after burning CD Now trying relative path from exe when loading skin.  
  • Fix for double clicking a project with an alternate skin in place. 
  • Fixes for Mixcraft v8 skin for those that like old skool 8. 
  • Added Ozone 8 to plugin file to not change sample rate which will crash in Ozone. (It's the plugins fault, but this is a workaround) 
  • Bug #11681, fix for frozen Melodyne tracks crashing on load, if the frozen file is missing. Some bulletproofing for saving during playback with audio control, etc. 
  • Bug 11665 - If holding scroll bar - piano roll no longer auto scrolls

Full Mixcraft 9 change list

Jan 15, 2020

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