Build 458 released

Updated Mixcraft 9 Build 458

When releasing new software to the public, developers and QA invariably miss some issues and defects. We have been working hard to fix these issues as they come in, and we will continue to fix bugs as they are discovered. If you've found a bug or issue, please contact our support. We'd like to fix it!

To get the latest version update, simply launch Mixcraft 9 and choose "Check For Updates..." on the "Help" menu. This will check to see if you are caught up and download the latest update patch if one is available. Once downloaded, it will require you to exit Mixcraft, and then the update will install. Relaunching Mixcraft will run the updated version.

If you don't yet have Mixcraft 9 installed, go to the download page to download Mixcraft 9, or log in to the Acoustica Customer Data Center.

Mixcraft 9.0 Build 458 Change List

  • When creating zip files, it now properly handles duplicate file names from different source folders
  • Some undo/redo related minor fixes for tuner tracks/armed tracks.
  • Fix for crash undoing duplication of a track with a tuner on it.
  • Fix for removing time not removing locked it does.
  • Fix for copying an audio clip with quick fades on.
  • You can no longer import to the built-in libraries like "Loops".  There was a way to import to it if you typed in the name "Loops".
  • Fix for more freeze bugs related to instrument sub-tracks.
  • Fixed drawing glitches related to Melodyne
  • More fixes when saving a project with Melodyne on first save when changing the location of the project.
  • New strings, including font size fix for Chinese
  • Fix for audio control meters showing for instrument sub tracks
  • Fix for freeze related to audio control and adding another virtual instrument
  • Fix for initial save failing, potentially losing some files.
  • Resizing sub mix track icon placement fix
  • Bug #11868, fixed deadlock problem with lock in lane selection code.
  • Bug #11846, fix for weirdness after reversing a clip while tracks are soloed.
  • Fix for bug 11851 - was removing clip for RemoveTime when it shouldn't have.
  • Fix for saving/restoring gain on master track and preview track
  • Modified Mixcraft's MIDI loading code to be able to read Chordpad's invalid MIDI files.
  • New drum kit mapping
  • Fixed pitch envelope bug related to cropping / trimming clips
  • Fix for showing send knobs on output tracks. Oops
  • Bulletproofing drag and drop and some random crashes (rare)
  • Fixed help file page offsets when invoked from software

Full change history

Apr 2, 2020

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