Mixcraft 9 updated for Melodyne issue

Melodyne 5.1 was released and caused an instant crash with Mixcraft 9.  Mixcraft 9 ships with Melodyne 4, but if you had upgraded to Melodyne 5.1, there was an unfortunate crash that was very easy to get.  While we are awaiting Celemony to create a Melodyne 5.2 or 5.1.1, we have patched Mixcraft 9 to work around this issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.  Unfortunately, this problem will still occur with Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio and Melodyne 5.1, as well.  Mixcraft 8 will not be patched.  If you have Mixcraft 8 and Melodyne 5, please revert to Melodyne 5.03 or earlier until Celemony releases their update.

This update is mainly to address this Melodyne issue.  However, there are a few other bug fixes, as well. See the Mixcraft 9 version history.

To update Mixcraft 9, simply click the "Help" menu followed by "Check For Update...".  

Nov 10, 2020