Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Plastical People

Peruvian indie pop band Plastical People talks about their start, how they weathered the pandemic, and how Mixcraft has helped them move from home production to their first full-length album.

About The Project

Coqui Delgado, Santiago, Octavio, and Cesar are part of this band that started in Lima, Peru. Saulo joined the project in August 2021. Since its beginnings, Plastical People seek to spread the excitement of the pop and synthpop movement of the 80s. The band's philosophy is to observe music and life as an elastic and malleable vortex, which influences their identity, conceptually embodied in their name and the development of their compositions. 

About Their Beginnings

Their first release with four songs drew from the sounds of psychedelic pop with emotional lyrics. In 2020, having delayed all plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they created independent musical and audiovisual productions inspired by the new trends of indie rock. It was a big year for the band due to the massive public attention that put them on the radar of DITTO MUSIC, the organization they have been working with since then. In July 2021, the band was chosen as one of the ten most important projects in the contest "Vans Musicians Wanted 2021," an achievement that led to sponsorship from both Vans and Jägermeister.

On their Latest Album

"Mover√°s tus pies is an album that we made to cry and dance because we want to spread the emotion that we show in every concert," says the band about their latest album. "We want it to become a reference album for indie pop. We have been sincere with our experiences, capturing a different and particular sound in each song." 

How Plastical People Uses Mixcraft

For 7 years, we have been working with programs designed by Acoustica's Mixcraft. It is easy for us to compose and develop the sound to have a final idea of our artistic vision. Mixcraft has been a vital tool for the project's development since our entire discography was produced in that program. We want to say to all those who started like us, learning to produce from home with this tool, that it came to change our lives.


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Apr 4, 2022