Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Rain Absolute

This month we turn the Mixcraft spotlight on Rain Absolute, a Finnish producer who combines synthwave, soundtrack, retrowave, and electronic music in a unique way, and all in Mixcraft Pro Studio.

Rain Absolute is the artist name used by J Lipsanen. His goal is to combine different elements in his music without aiming precisely at any particular style. He finds inspiration from movies, sci-fi, and more. His music is a love letter to soundtracks, cyberpunk, and a futuristic neon noir culture.

How He Got his Start Making Music

"The first time I made music was in 2015, I took the Magix Music Maker from Steam and practiced with it to get started. At first, my source of enthusiasm was Vangelis' soundtrack from Blade Runner, and I tried to make the same style of music. The premise was that I had no experience with how to make music. My first, ambient-style release (Synthetic Dreams) came out in 2019, and was made with that program. 

Soon after, I wanted to find a real DAW and downloaded a trial version of Mixcraft and fell in love with how easy the program was to use. The basic version included a good number of instruments and plugins which made it easy to get started and beyond. Tutorials were also easy to find on YouTube. The program has also proven to be very stable, meaning I have no experience with crashes. I bought Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio after the trial."

About "Visions of the Future" and Mixcraft

"In 2020, after a year's break from the hobby, I got the idea to make an album. My goal was to do a mix of cyperpunk, synthwave, and soundtrack music. The project grew quite large and eventually the 15-track album was named Visions Of The Future

I used a lot of the programs that came with Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio, such as the ME80 and Memorymoon vintage synths, the Pianissimo piano, the Classic Compressor, and many more. I programmed the drums for each track myself, and I use the simple to use Omni Sampler 8 with almost every track. The sampler was a big help, as I had never programmed drums myself before. I’ve dropped various drum sounds into Sampler through a search of Mixcraft’s own sound library. In short, Visions of the Future is made almost entirely with Mixcraft programs, with a few additional free or inexpensive VSTs, and and performed with M-Audio keyboards."

"I also got the idea to make another version of the album that uses a different sound, more warm and vintage, and I released it as Visions Of The Future (RETRO DREAM EDITION)."

Why Mixcraft?

"From an enthusiast’s perspective, Mixcraft’s ease of use and intuitive interface are the things that will keep me going to it in the future. The program is also inexpensive to purchase and has easy-to-install external instruments and plugins. 

I’ve also mentioned to many that I don’t know how to read music, but Mixcraft’s easy interface guides me to finding my own way of working. As an artist, it’s incredibly fascinating to find a program I can use to realize myself artistically, and accomplish the whole process all the way through to mastering, on my own.

When I think about it, my album was created with only the included plugins, a few low-cost VST instruments, and the M-Audio keyboards. The cost was less than $300. From this point of view, anyone who wants to invest in music can get off to a good start and have the opportunity to develop, and invest more if they wish. It's a great time to make your own music with a budget-friendly, easy-to-use music program!"

Our thanks to Rain Absolute for sharing his music and his thoughts on Mixcraft!

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Jul 7, 2022