Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: SICARD

This month we turn the Mixcraft spotlight on Juan David Gómez Sicard, known as SICARD, a Colombian producer, songwriter, and rock artist from Bogotá, Colombia.

About The Artist

SICARD is an alternative and post-grunge rock soloist who started in 2015 on the PLATINUM MUSIC label with his first two singles, "Lie to Me" and "Broken Line." ​ In 2017, SICARD released his first album THE HOWLING ROAD, followed by THE HOWLING ROAD (Unplugged Session), released together with NIGHTFALL PRODUCTIONS. ​​ In 2021, SICARD published his second album ETERNOS, a project including several guest artists such as Hei Pereira, Antonia Castañeda, Trebslide, Jorge Ramón and César López. ​ SICARD is currently producing his third album, UNITY, co-produced with Francisco Maya and Valeria Villas.

About His Beginnings

"I’ve always been into music and writing songs. While studying architecture in 2015, I got a one-of-a-kind opportunity to record with a small record label and decided to quit my career and restart my life as an artist and music producer. I’ve always been fascinated with rock music and creating my own rock songs; this was the main motivation to venture myself into this amazing world. I then got the opportunity of being an apprentice on a local recording studio called DELTA RECORDS, where I began learning how to record myself and others."

On SICARD's Upcoming Album

"UNITY will be my third full album release, this time co-produced by Valeria Villas and Francisco Maya, which makes me really excited. The album has a mix of both classic nu metal music with modern rock elements, and it's focused on social interactions and dynamics. Everything is based on the idea of being inside a community with people that share the same soul and consciousness, while being on a process of unifying (Unity) to become one better consciousness. The album is planned to be released on the first half of 2023."

How SICARD Uses Mixcraft

"I have produced all my albums and artists with Mixcraft. Every single production is a new adventure and a new beginning thanks to the enormous amount of tools that Mixcraft provides. After some years using the program, I’m still sure that Mixcraft is the best tool for music creators due to the amount of sounds and plug-ins that come with it, making it easy to use. It's an incredible DAW to just do everything from pre- to post-production. Mixcraft is the essential element on creating my own sounds and those of other artists."

Thank you, SICARD, and our best wishes to you for continued success!


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May 10, 2022