Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Vasaria Project

Musician/Producer Vasaria Project discusses his game and anime inspired music and how he uses Mixcraft and plugins like Pianissimo in productions such as his latest, "Deliverance."

"Like a guardian angel watching us from above, music is a constant presence in our lives. It channels our emotions and shapes them: whether you’re sad or simply want to recollect your memories, music always knows a better way to express it. I’m a self-taught pianist and music arranger, and Vasaria Project is the product of my passion and dedication. I never took any music lessons, nor can I read sheet music – my heart is the only score I need. Because emotions must be felt, not comprehended. If we think about music as an emotional catalyst, playing the piano is the only way I can tell my story in a universal language. 

Vasaria Project is an autobiographical work using images and sounds to touch the strings of everyone’s heart: I mainly play piano arrangements of movie/videogame/anime soundtracks, and those are the themes that accompany my days and describe my life inside this body. Being a Mixcraft user since 2017, I mainly use it for MIDI recording, allowing me to edit every note I play on my piano in the way it suits my taste. Using the “Pianissimo” and the “Voxengo Spectrum Analyzer” plugins, I can change how my recordings sound, giving more room to effects. Mixcraft also allows me to express my creativity through orchestral arrangements. The various instruments the DAW comes with are suitable for a plethora of melodies: some of my tracks include over 25 different sounds!"

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Mar 22, 2022