Mixcraft University is Back for Mixcraft 10!

Welcome to Mixcraft University 101 for Mixcraft 10! In this series, you'll learn all the basics of using Acoustica Mixcraft to create your music from production expert Zane Smith of Audio Tech TV.

Over the next few weeks, this Introduction to Mixcraft series will demonstrate all of the core concepts you'll need to know to set up Mixcraft 10 (both Recording Studio and Pro Studio) for the first time, all the way through to basic mixing and mastering principles to get your first song ready to share with the world.

This page will be updated as new episodes are added, and can also be found in the Mixcraft Videos section of the website. Older tutorials and Mixcraft University videos for previous editions (Mixcraft 4 - 9) can be found on this page.

November 8th: Episodes 1 - 4 now available

Mixcraft University 101 for Mixcraft 10 Complete Playlist (updated)