Updated Mixcraft 10 Language Support

Mixcraft is widely used by musicians across the globe, so we've added some new tools to help users worldwide get the most from their DAW. The Mixcraft 10 application already supports over two dozen languages, and we want the user manual to be just as universal.

Because the highly comprehensive English language version of Mixcraft 10 Manual is online, users can already use powerful browser-based translation tools. We've created a new Translations page with direct links for translations provided through Google Translate. Other online options, such as DeepL and various browser extensions, are also available to users. Here is a summary of the links now available for the online manual in the languages supported by Mixcraft 10.

Please note that these links and translations are provided as a convenience to our users. Acoustica assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions, or ambiguities in the translations provided by these external services. The downloadable PDF version of the manual is only available in English at this time.