Fans of Mixcraft

Nathan has created a ton of tutorials and videos on Mixcraft 9 called "Fans Of Mixcraft".  We've really enjoyed them and found them to be very helpful.  We hope you find them as useful as we did.   Fans Of Mixcraft Youtube channel

About Nathan (Fans Of Mixcraft author)

"I'm primarily a drummer, bassist, and organist who really enjoys mixing different musical styles together to create new sounds.  I have played and composed in a wide variety of styles including Classical, Jazz, Funk, Ska, HipHop, Rock, Electronic, and Church music.  My first experience with software-based music came in High School with (Master Tracks) Pro 4 controlling a Yamaha V50 synthesizer, and later on with tracker software like DigiTracker.  I've been happily using Mixcraft since version 5.  I started the Fans of Mixcraft channel because there is a lot of curiosity out there about what it is and what it can do.  My goal is to answer those questions, and provide viewers with a down-to-earth look at Mixcraft in action, because I think that kind of accessibility shows what Mixcraft is all about." - Nathan   ( Fans Of Mixcraft Youtube channel )